When I worked at Rebels Studios I got the task to design the new artworks for Size Records. One important detail was that I had to find a graphical style that could be produced for over 20 different cd-covers without becoming boring and repetitive. These artworks are used when an artist is releasing a new single, so there is only 1-2 songs per release.

I tried alot of different styles and at last I found an open source program called Mandelbulb 3D and I started to play around with it. The possibilities are endless and it's a super creative tool to play with. You can do both animation and still images, and even translate the 3D fractals into obj. files, that means that you could import these weird shapes into your 3d-application such as 3ds Max or Cinema 4d.

This is what I came up with. The project involved a lot of experimenting and testing, it was challenging and fun. Just like it should be.

Produced at: Rebels Studios
Client: Size Records
Digital artist: Elias Klingén
Post production: Joel Thorstensson
Graphic design & typography: Oscar Lund-Hansen

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