Way Out West – 3D

I got commissioned by Luger and the design agency Leon & Chris to create all the 3d-illustrations for Way out west festival 2017. Way out west is one of Swedens largest outdoor festivals and it will take place in august. This is still a work in progress, and I will continue to create different abstract shapes until the festival opens. Stay tuned for more updates.

w6_4 w6_3_0007 w6_44W4_237_0237 w4w1_06wow17_art-1_4 wow17_art-1_2wow17_v-2_4 w2_still0012WOW-17_Poster_70x100-2WOW_Instagram_MobilegirlWOW_Instagram_Chance-The-Rapper WOW_Instagram_Frank-Ocean WOW_Instagram_Perfume_Genius2 WOW17_V-4_1 WOW17_V-4_4 WOW17_V-6_1